Posted by: dragonfur | June 20, 2011

Bonfire’s Battle is Over

Due to the severe damage to Bonfire’s left hind leg (done how I will never know), the muscles in his left hindquarter have atrophied severely, changing his posture.  He did not lie down for over 2 months, which put excess strain on his right hind leg.  This past week it has become apparent that he is in pain, not only in the bad leg, but in the “good” leg and his back, as well.

I have said from the beginning that he will tell me when it is time, but a horse won’t tell you it’s time until he just can’t go on, and I didn’t want Bonfire to get to that point of suffering.

I took him to the lameness specialist this afternoon, hoping (but not really expecting) he would pull a miracle out of his hat.  He spent a good deal of time and thought in his exam, and then told me there would be no miracles.  Bonfire was euthanized with me and his best buddy, Buffi, in attendance.

He has taken a part of my heart with him.  I will miss him forever.



  1. My heart, prayers and thoughts are with you!

  2. And Mine, My heart goes out to you for your lose, but he isn’t suffering and that is important.

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