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R.I.P., my beloved Zenya

zensweptMy beautiful Zenya. So sweet, so smart, so bright, so funny. 23 months old.

And now she is gone. Wednesday morning, she was fine; her normal playful, funny self. Saturday morning (Feb. 20) she was humanely euthanized, due to a rare, inheritable condition known as “megaesophagus” associated with “disautonomia”.

I hate these words I’ve never heard before! Suddenly, they have taken from me one of the most precious souls in my life. They caused her immense discomfort, and even though the condition MAY have been manageable, the drug that MAY have helped (if we could even find it–it is no longer commercially available) could have taken 2 to 4 months to help. The treatment she would have had to undergo to keep her alive until it was determined whether or not the drug was even helping would have meant her living in a cage, with an e-collar on her. Infection and discomfort, constant dangers.

No, for my beloved Zenya, the kindest thing was to help her across that Rainbow Bridge. I held her to her final breath.

Now, MY pain is constant. No more little games: fetch the wad of paper, chasing the hand under the sheets. No more listening to her talking to herself as she played, alone or with another cat. No more looking to see where she was when going in or out of the door, because she was a champion door-darter. She lived in the bedroom for the most part, because there are residents in my household (including myself) who simply wouldn’t be able to move fast enough if she decided to make a dash for freedom out the front door.

I am a selfish human. I don’t want to hurt like this. I have done it before (Dragon, Wings, Flower, Shadowolf, Bonfire), but it doesn’t get easier, or quicker. As I get older, those old scars on my soul seem to ache in sympathy to the new wound that has been torn in the very fabric of my spirit.

I can sometimes barely breathe from the agony of knowing that I will never see or hear Zenya again. I know it will lessen in time, but the pain is fresh, and I have many hours of heartache before I can inhale again.

I cry some every night at bedtime. I don’t have her to play with, love on, talk to, fuss at…

I miss you, Zenya. May your bright spark be shining brightly somewhere. Here, today, in my world, it is dark.

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Can’t Believe It’s 2015!

Well, 2015 (and February already). I just haven’t had time (or energy or desire, all three at the same time!) to get on the computer much for some time.
My nine little horses are doing great. Fuzzy as little bears, of course. Miss Polly is now 32 years old, and Miss Hope is 31! Healthy and doing well, although Polly doesn’t see so well anymore, and Hope has problems on these cold mornings with her arthritis. She is on Corta-Flex for her joints. I don’t know if it makes her feel better, but it makes me feel better to try to help her.

I have added a few new felines to the mix, as well as saying forever goodbye to one oldtimer. Pagan Spirit, my old Siamese, passed over the rainbow bridge in January 2014, at the ripe old age of 19. I’ll always miss you, Pagan.

In April, I attended a cat show in Mesquite (gad, it’s been a long time since I was in Mesquite!). Met a lovely lady with Oriental Shorthairs from Tomball, around Houston area, and left with a promise of an Oriental kitten from an upcoming litter. From her cattery in June, I came home with Zenswept (aka Zenya), an absolutely amazing little soul in an ebony classic tabby OrSH body. What a little love. And a little brat.

While I was there, I met a brother-sister pair that were in need of a forever home. I left without them, but thought about them (almost constantly) for a week before calling the lovely lady and telling her I wanted them to live with us. So a month later, ZigZag and ChaCha came, too. What a pair!

Here’s a photo of Zenya shortly after she came to live here.  (Photos of Ziggy & Cha will follow later.)

Now I can add the 7 ferals I feed…
LOL. I have “SUCKER” written in Meow on my forehead. No doubt about it!Zenya-4 Mos.

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Aug 30 – Young

Aug 30 - Young

This was Elemental Magic shortly before he became a gelding. He’s “flirting” with Symphony (like a 12-year-old boy that doesn’t quite know how).

She gave him what-for right after I took the photo, but they’re best buds now.

Ah, young love! Or young hormones . . .

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July 4: Flag

July 4:  Flag

Posted by: dragonfur | June 23, 2013

June 23: Ball

June 23:  Ball

This purple ball appeared at the fence after a storm, stayed around a couple of days, then disappeared during another storm. No telling how far it came before resting here, or how far (or where) it has gone since. Silly thing, really, but I kind of wish I knew. Just for fun…

Posted by: dragonfur | June 11, 2013

June 11: Monotone

June 11:  Monotone

This is another garden photo, but not of a ripening tomato. This is a hornworm, one of NINETEEN I plucked off my poor tomato plants!

A hornworm can double in size overnight. They get 3″ long and as big around as your middle finger. A single hornworm can strip a tomato plant in 24 hours, so getting them off as quickly as possible is essential! I use a clear jar w/lid, half-full of water w/a little dish detergent liquid added.

I sprayed the plants with Bt organic insecticide in case I missed any. Amazingly, a week later, the decimated branches of the plants were sprouting new leaves!

Fascinating little (!) creatures, but oh, so destructive to tomatoes–and hard to see!

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June 9: Frame

June 9:  Frame

Another garden pic, this time a trio of Roma tomatoes framed by leaves. Cropped. Otherwise, SOOC.

BTW: I just picked these three yesterday, red & ripe!  🙂

Posted by: dragonfur | June 8, 2013

June 8-Garden Fresh

June 8-Garden Fresh

I’m baaaa-aaack!

Thunderstorms in May took out power lines for a few days, and then my computer took a vacation. 😦

But I’m back, up and running, and in the interim, my garden went from tiny 3″ plants to, well, THIS.

It’s a Black Krim tomato, an organic heirloom variety. Already it’s showing signs of not liking the Texas heat, but so far I’ve gotten 4 tomatoes, and it has several more on it. Not a prolific producer, but by the time this one ripened to the black-red-green color that gave it it’s name, it was almost a pound! I probably won’t grow these again, although they taste wonderful. The heat down here requires sturdy, heat-tolerant varieties like Cherokee Purple (which I did not find this year) and Homestead (which is a small–2″ to 3″ diameter, but oh, so good!).
Also got Amish Paste and an Italian Roma, also heirlooms. Gonna have LOTS of spaghetti sauce & tomato paste! 🙂

Posted by: dragonfur | May 20, 2013

May 20: Wrapped

May 20:  Wrapped

Not sure why this chain wound up wrapped around the axle of our garden tractor cart, but it took me a couple of minutes and a number of cusswords to get it off! But before I did . . .

Hey, it worked for the theme!

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May 16: Letter in Nature-“S”

This volunteer oat plant (it came up from some chicken feed) survived a night of storms, hail, & high winds (as did my tomato plants–yay!).

My garden did better than some small towns. Granbury was hit with tornadoes. There were (so far) 9 fatalities and over 100 injuries. Grapefruit-sized hail kills, too, if it hits you in the head, and they had that to the west/southwest of us.

We were fortunate. Some badly-needed rain, no hail, no tornadoes, no super-high winds–the storms weakened a bit before they got this far east.

So, the Letter in Nature is “S”–for Storms & Survival. My heart goes out to those who lost family, friends, and/or homes to Mother Nature’s fury.

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